Mission Statement

The mission of CIT Metro is to continue the established working partnership between mental health and law enforcement. This established partnership will remain focused on continuing to work toward more successful long term solutions for the mental health consumers in our communities.

We are dedicated to providing law enforcement training that advances the officers ability to connect the right resource to the right person. We maintain the commitment of working with national, state and local agencies and organizations to provide the best available resources to the people in our communities who have mental health disorders. We pledge also to include the families, care givers, and providers in this endeavor, while diligently working to dismantle the stigma surrounding mental illness.

Officer Safety is not only a primary goal, but a fundamental principal on which law enforcement is founded. We strive to facilitate training that incorporates real world scenarios, which deal with situations faced on today’s streets, by today’s officers. We will promote and maintain a standard beyond best industry practices, with our sights set on meeting and exceeding tomorrow’s requirements, and continuing to meet the needs of our citizens and our communities today.

It is the goal of every partnering agency in CIT Metro, to establish a minimum standard that exceeds the standard recognized today. We pledge to nurture established relationships and forge new ones with all organizations that can bring a positive change to the lives of mental health consumers, while working to increase involvement, advocating for and treatment within our own communities.